Fasting & walking / Lent 4


This week I’ve been in Philadelphia for the annual United Methodist Association of Communicators Conference. It’s my first trip to Philly, and in addition to a Flyers-Penguins hockey game and some great food, it’s been a time of spiritual energizing.

The conference has afforded us a couple of chances to walk around one of our country’s most historic cities…and to see both the amazing art and architecture as well as the poverty and homelessness that are inherent in most urban settings.

Today as I’ve been in the midst of my weekly fast, both extremes struck me as we walked from the conference center to one of the historic African American churches a few blocks away. It was an opportunity to see all the city had to offer through spiritual eyes.

This week as you fast, pray, listen, and respond, spend some time walking around your city, town, or neighborhood. Take in the unseen and unnoticed as well as the common landmarks. Feel the energy of the people around you, those who have come before, and those yet to tread the ground on which you stroll. Lift them all in your prayers. Ask God to show up in your own life in new ways and inspire you to serve in new places.


Pastor Joe

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